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Liverpool FC Transers 2009

So many people think that Rafa has spent £40m+ this summer on Johnson and Aquilani.

Well here it is in black and white exactly how much Rafa has spent in 2009.

The Aquilani deal:

- 4 cash instalments of
- - 5 million EURO upfront
- - 3 million EURO by 4th January 2010
- - 7 million EURO by June 30th 2010
- - 5 million EURO by June 30th 2011.

Further Add ons include:

- 300,000 EURO for every year Liverpool qualify for the Champions League from 2010/11 to 2014/15

- 250,000 EURO everytime the player reaches 35 appearancs, 70 appearances, 105 appeances and then 140 appearances.

- 1 million EURO the first time Liverpool either wins the Premier League or Champions League by 30 June 2014.

- 5% of any future transfer fee will be paid to Roma

Source: http://www.asroma.it/UserFiles/988.pdf

So Aquilani cost us £5m in Summer 2009


The Johnson deal:

Portsmouth owed us £8m/9m from the Crouch deal which they cannot afford to pay.
We wrote that off against the Johnson deal meaning we only paid about £9m/10m for him.

So Johnson cost us £10m but still unsure if some or all of that was upfront, this is the maximum he could have cost us in cash in Summer 2009


Transfers OUT in 2009:

Robbie Keane Tottenham £16,000,000 02.02.2009
Jack Hobbs Leicester Undisclosed 24.04.2009
Paul Anderson Nottm For £250,000 30.06.2009
Jermaine Pennant Real Zaragoza Free* 01.07.2009
Miki Roque Unknown Free 01.07.2009
Sebastian Leto Panathinaikos £3,000,000 01.07.2009
Álvaro Arbeloa Real Madrid £3,500,000 30.07.2009
Xabi Alonso Real Madrid £30,000,000 05.08.2009

TOTAL MONEY IN: £52.75 million

Transfers IN in 2009:

Glen Johnson Portsmouth £10m 26.06.2009
Alberto Aquilani AS Roma £5m 07.08.2009
Sotirios Kyrgiakos AEK Athens £2,000,000 21.08.2009
Daniel Ayala Sevilla Undisclosed Sep 2009


Rafa has a POSITIVE transfer balance of £35.75million for 2009
Is it coincidence that it just about covers the interest payments for the year that shouldnt have been there in the first place?
If the Yanks had bought the club with their OWN MONEY and not borrowed against the club, that money would be OURS/Rafas for improving the squad.